Cyber Emergency Readiness Team



Enel CERT mission is to support and protect Enel, from intentional and malicious attacks that would hamper its Constituency. Enel CERT's activities cover prevention, detection, response and recovery.

The actions taken by Enel CERT are driven by several key values available in the following Enel’s Code of Ethics: https://www.enel.com/en/investors/a201608-code-of-ethics.html


The Constituency of Enel CERT includes all the employees and assets of Enel Group, worldwide.

Public key

The PGP public key is available on PGP keyservers or click here.

Fingerprint: F0F2E177D09AF248860EDCF4B04A67F89120ADA6

Detailed info 

The Enel CERT profile  is defined in the  RFC 2350 document.